Before we begin sales training, changing or coach any sales group, we first assess individual and group strengths and weaknesses providing us a clear understanding as to sales specific issues must be targeted within the training program. This allows us to develop the sales training courses in a way that targets Leadership, Management and Sales deficiencies providing productive support. ROI Consulting Training and Development does not rely on "blanket training". This refers to training companies that believe one shoe fits all. A doctor cannot and will not prescribe the same drug or treatment to ten different patients...nor should you.

Hiring Process

Develop and execute an effective hiring process. Systematize an effective recruiting campaign. Beginning with the development of job descriptions and expectations, to placing effective ads that attract better candidates, through asking the right questions that weed out the unqualified candidate, this program takes the questions and mystery out of the recruiting process.

Pre-Hire Screenings

Eliminate costly hiring mistakes. By using objective screening tools that distinguish the difference between candidates who can sell vs. candidates who will sell, hiring managers have more confidence hiring and investing in people who will assist in key business development functions.


Even if your hiring process is bringing in the right talent, you can't expect your new sales reps to succeed without an equally effective onboarding plan. The first few months after a new rep is hired are the most critical to their retention, performance, and long-term success. ROI Consulting arms your new hires with the training they need to meet your expectations.

Sales Strategy Development

Process driven business development helps success be duplicable. Giving your sales people a system they can control and feel comfortable with, empowers their activity.  Theory does not win deals.  By taking an interactive real world, results based approach, an organization can systematize their current selling process.  Developing best practices in the areas of prospecting, opportunity development, and strategic account management, organizations can target fewer deals, and win higher percentages, thereby reducing cost and increasing profits.